Intramural Sports

Wall of Champions


16F Flag Football


Moosilauke Champs: AXA  Granite Champs: Ski Team

                AXA War Eagles - Moosilauke Champions       Ski Team - Granite Champions


16F Soccer


Moosilauke Champs: TriKap  Granite Champs: Geisel

                          TriKap - Moosilauke Champions                      Geisel - Granite Champions


Ultimate Kickers - CoRec Champs


 Ultimate Kickers - CoRec Champions


16X Soccer

16X Granite Soc Champs                   KDE Women's Soc 16X champs
 Tri-Kap - Granite Champions                           KDE - Women's Champions


 16X Softball


16X softball champs

 TDX - Champions


16S Tennis Tournament


Spring 16 IM Tennis Champs


The Pelicans - Champions



16S Softball


Moosilauke Champs: Team Gates  Granite Champs: Beta

                         Team Gates - Moosilauke Champions              Beta - Granite Champions


Swuggers - CoRec Champs

 Swuggers - CoRec Champions


16S 3-on-3 Basketball

S16 3-on-3 Champ Tuck/Geisel

Tuck/Geisel - Champions


16W Basketball

Lob City CoRec champs  Beta - Granite Champs

Lob City - CoRec Champions                     Beta - Granite Champions

Anklebreakers Moosiluake Champs

Anklebreakers - Moosilauke Champions


16W Ice Hockey

 Fowler's Angels                   SGFtB

          Fowler's Angels - Women's Champions        Score Goals For the Boys - Green Champions


FlatBallers   PhiDelt

                  FlatBallers - Moosilauke Champions               PhiDelt - Granite Champions


  15F Flag Football

Beta    SigEp

                         Beta - Granite Champions                              SigEp - Moosilauke Champions


15F Soccer

14 West   Geisel
14 West - Granite Champions      Geisel - Moosilauke Champions
Speed Kills
Speed Kills - CoRec Champions