The Physical Education and Recreational Sport programs provide students, faculty, and staff the opportunity to experience a variety of activities and, in turn, to appreciate the importance of the balance of a healthy mind and body. Specifically, we hope to introduce undergraduates to a wide range of lifetime sports so that they may benefit from them throughout their adult lives. Our programs offer both individual and team activities; and our location being what it is, there is an emphasis on the out-of-doors.

Please feel free to call (603-646-2478) or stop by our office for more information on our various programs.  We are located in Room 167 in Alumni Gymnasium. Regular office hours are 8:00 am-12:00 pm and 1:00 pm-4:30 pm, Monday-Friday. You may also email our staff with any questions you might have. 



All undergraduate students must earn three (3) credits in physical education and complete a 50 yard swim requirement to fulfill the graduation requirements for physical education. Credits may be earned by successfully completing activity courses, wellness-oriented non-activity courses, and participation in intercollegiate and club programs. Satisfactory completion of courses in physical education is based on skill improvement and participation.

Varsity Sports: Students who participate in a varsity sport may receive credit for that activity during the term(s) in which they participate in traditional and non-traditional seasons. This applies to team managers as well.

Club Sport: Members of club sports teams may receive 3 physical education credits for their participation.

Marching Band: Members of the Fall Marching Band may earn 1 credit for a term of participation.

Swim Requirement: Students are encouraged to pass their swim requirement prior to or immediately following their DOC trip in the fall. Otherwise, it must be passed during recreational swim hours under the supervision of the lifeguard on duty. Exemptions from this requirement must come from the medical director of the college in the form of a permanent medical excuse. If a student is unable to complete the 50 yard swim, he or she may fulfill this requirement by successfully completing a course in beginning swim. This course may not count toward the 3 credit requirement.

Attendance: Students must attend 13 classes or activity sessions in classes/activites which meet two or more times per week.  Any absence for illness or injury must be authorized by the Medical Director of Health Services.  Students can then contact the Director of Physical Education for options to make-up missed classes.


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  Joann Brislin
Senior Associate Director of Athletics for
Physical Education and Recreation