The following information should answer your questions about Physical Education classes. If you do not find the answers to your questions here, please contact the Physical Education Administrative Assistant, Heidi Bushway, at 646-2478 or e-mail Physical Education.

How many credits must I get in order to graduate? You must earn three PE credits to graduate. One credit is earned for each successfully completed course. The Physical Education Department encourages students to complete the three credits by the end of their sophomore summer at Dartmouth, as the junior and senior years at Dartmouth can become very involved. A student who does not complete the three required credits before the end of the senior year will not graduate or receive a diploma.

How does the swim requirement factor into the Physical Education requirement? All students must also pass a 50-yard swim as part of the PE requirement. You are encouraged to complete this before your DOC trip or during orientation week. Otherwise, you must pass the requirement during recreational swim hours under the supervision of the lifeguard on duty. 

What if I cannot swim? If you are unable to complete the 50-yard swim, you may fulfill this requirement by successfully completing a course in beginning swimming. This course will not count toward the 3 required PE credits. You should contact the Physical Education Administrative Assistant to let her know that you wish to use the course to fulfill the swim portion of the requirement.

Can I repeat a class for PE credit? Yes.

How do I drop or add a PE class? All PE classes are added or dropped on Banner during the add/drop period which ends the 2nd Thursday of the term. NO ADD CARDS ARE USED BY THE PHYSICAL EDUCATION DEPARTMENT.

Can I just show up for a class and register or add there? A student who is not registered on Banner for a PE class will NOT be allowed to enter the class.

How do I know if my class has a fee? Any fees will be listed with the course description on the website under Course Listings.

Can I get a refund on my PE class? Credits to your account will ONLY be issued if you drop the class on Banner during the drop period. No credit will be issued after that time.

How do I know where and when a class is held? Information on where and when a class is held is listed with the course description on the website. This information can also be found on the PE timetable in Banner.

How do I know when my PE class starts?  The dates are listed on the table on the Physical Education/Registration tab of the website. Instructors may e-mail the students registered in their classes if there is a change in the start date or if there is special information regarding the class. Familiarize yourself with the start date from the PE website and do NOT wait for the instructor to contact you.

Can I simply take a class if I don’t want the credit for it? Yes. Students must be enrolled on Banner in order to participate in any PE class whether you intend to receive a PE credit or not.

How are PE credits applied? A student must complete 13 sessions (or more if the course requires) to receive a PE credit. All grades will be posted in Banner at the end of the academic term.

Does a PE credit affect my GPA? PE credits do not carry a grade point and will not affect your GPA. The .000 under credits for a PE course simply means you have no credit points toward your GPA. The PE credit appears as P (pass) or NP (not pass).

If I do not pass a course, will the failure appear on my transcript? Individual courses do not appear on your official transcript. Under Physical Education on your transcript, it will simply say “yes” or “no”. This indicates whether or not the physical education requirement is complete.

Can I make-up a class at a later date? Banner is set up to acknowledge separate terms of the school year. All credits for a term must be applied during that particular term. No credit can be given if not met during the term you are registered for the course.

I am a varsity athlete. Does this give me a PE credit? Students who participate in an intercollegiate sport may receive credit for that activity during the term(s) in which they participate in traditional and non-traditional seasons. Student-athletes must register during the Physical Education add/drop period in order to obtain a PE credit for the term for their sport. All PE rules for adding/dropping courses apply to student-athletes.

I participate in a club sport. Am I eligible to receive PE credit for my club sport? Club sport members may receive 3 PE credits for their participation. Student-athletes must register during the PE add/drop period in order to obtain a PE credit for the term for their sport. All PE rules for adding/dropping courses apply to student-athletes.

As a varsity or club sport athlete, do I need to register for this PE credit? Yes.

As a varsity or club sport athlete, can my coach register me? No.

Can I get retroactive credit for a varsity or club sport? No retroactive credit is given for any varsity or club sport, or for a PE course.

Does my participation on an intramural team get me a PE credit? No. Participation on an intramural team will not earn you a PE credit.

Do any of the Hop Community Dance classes receive a PE credit? A student must register BOTH through the Hop and on Banner for the PE credit during the PE add/drop registration period. You can look under Specialty classes on the website under Physical Education/Course Listings to find out which Hop Community Dance classes are eligible for credit during a particular term.

Can I get PE credit for any of the Dartmouth dance groups? There are a number of dance ensembles that have requested PE credit for their participants. These groups can be found on the website at Physical Education/Course Listings under Specialty classes. Registration through Banner is required.