About the Facility

The ZIMMERMAN FITNESS CENTER at Dartmouth College is a beautiful, light-filled facility designed to meet the needs of the Dartmouth College and broader Hanover community. The 16,000 square foot facility houses over 70 pieces of cardio equipment (many with their own TV's), 40 strength machines, 3 different dumbbell areas a full free-weight area, and open spaces for functional fitness and stretching. The Zimmerman Fitness Center also has certified Personal Trainers available for individual one-on-one training and rehabilitation.

With a commitment to Fitness and Wellness, the ZIMMERMAN FITNESS CENTER at Dartmouth College looks forward to welcoming you!



Day Passes are $10 and can be purchased at the Main Entrance desk of Alumni Gym or at the Facilities Office in Alumni Gym.


What else goes on at the Zimmerman Fitness Center?

* Fitness Center-based classes through the Dartmouth FLIP program.

* Private or small group sessions with personal trainers.

* Free clinics offered to members during at least one workshop week each term.


I.D.s are always required. No exceptions!