The Dartmouth College Physical Education and Recreation Office has announced their annual award winners. Students were nominated by their peers then selected by the PE/Rec Office. A description of the awards and their respective winners are found below.

Ken Jones Award is given to that student, "who in the minds of the Recreational Sport staff, has exhibited a commitment to and love for recreational sport as exemplified by Ken during his 32 years of dedicated service to recreational sport at Dartmouth College.  The student shall have either excelled in recreational sport or enhanced the opportunities for students to participate in recreational sport during their years at Dartmouth."

Charles Quincy Tirrell Cup is given to the student "who in the judgment of the Office of Physical Education, has made the most satisfactory progress during his/her years of college in physical and athletic development, taking into consideration qualities of leadership, sportsmanship, and achievement, due regard being given to excellence of work in the classroom." 

The Club Sports Leadership Award is presented to a student who has been exceptional in the organization, administration and the competitive and sportsmanlike spirit of his or her club.



Ken Jones Award:

Kimmy Ma ‘18 (Club Swimming)


Charles Quincy Tirrell Cup:

Katie Clayton '18 (Triathlon Club)

Manuel Figueroa '18 (Fencing Club)


Club Sport Leadership Award:

Scott Bohn '18 (Men's Hockey Club)

Fiona Bowen '18 (Triathlon Club)

Sam Forstner '18 (Men's Hockey Club)

Eric Greenlee '18 (Men's Ultimate)

Mae Hardebeck '18 (Women's Ultimate)

Kayleigh Mentzer '18 (Fencing Club)

Brandt Slayton '18 (Triathlon Club)

Eric Thorpe '18 (Men's Water Polo)