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Courtesy: Dartmouth PE/Rec

FREE ZFC New Member classes

Courtesy: Dartmouth PE/Rec
Release: 02/07/2017



ZFC New Member classes

If you've just joined ZFC, and committed yourself to exercising more, congratulations!  You are on the right path!  A good next step is figuring out how to put together a program that is most efficient for your time and goals as an exerciser.  That can be daunting in the face of so many programming recommendations, and exercise and equipment options.  How to start?



"Just Joined ZFC – Now what do I do?"

In this workshop we'll look at the 4 basic components of exercise (cardio, strength, flexibility, and  balance).  Utilizing the equipment options in ZFC, we'll put together some basic programming to get you started on your gym workouts.  You'll have an opportunity to try different pieces of equipment, and to discuss ways to keep future workouts progressive and fun.  This workshop is a great way to start on the path towards your exercise goals with your new membership!

Tues, 1/10, 12-1pm

Registration Required…Limited to 6 participants.

"Circuit Training Set Up"

Strength training is a critical component of overall health and fitness, and using a circuit of strength training machines is a great way to improve both.  This clinic will focus on the proper set-up and use of the Cybex Circuit Machines and will include upper body, torso, and lower body exercises.  It will also include a brief overview of the importance and process of a full body strength training program.  A great workshop if you are new to strength training or unsure of the proper use of the machines.

Thurs, 1/12, 12-1pm

Registration Required…Limited to 6 participants.

Both classes are led by certified personal trainer and DCAD Wellness Coordinator, Carolyn Hooper Goetinck.  For more information or to register, email: