Bernie Hils, Russell Reeves, Wendi Reuter-Lorenz, Carolyn Hooper Goetinck, Kelley Dole, Kathy Simons, Jon Dame.  Not pictured:  Sue Darling



To schedule an appointment, please contact a trainer directly.


Pricing for all Personal Trainers:

$40 / 30min session

$65 / session

$360 / 6 sessions

Bring a buddy and share the cost:

$90 / session


Please note:  A membership to Zimmerman Fitness Center is NOT required for personal training.


Carolyn Hooper Goetinck, MS, CPT (ACE), FAFS has over 20 years of professional experience in the fitness industry as a personal trainer, fitness specialist, educator, and program leader. She bases her approach on the belief that each person has the right to optimal quality of life at every moment of their life.  Knowing that we live and thrive in a multi-dimensional world, Carolyn applies her expertise in functional human movement to enhance all aspects of a client's fitness experience.  Her individualized programs encourage success, vitality, and positive transformation for all levels of clients.

Carolyn is a Fellow of Functional Biomechanics and Applied Functional Science with the Gray Institute of Functional Training.  She is certified by the American Council of Exercise and the Cooper Institute, and has trained with the Cancer Exercise Institute.  She specializes in fitness training for older adults, cancer clients, special populations and post rehab, but welcomes clients of all abilities.  In addition to her personal training practice, she is the DCAD Wellness Coordinator and Director of Personal Training for Dartmouth's Zimmerman Fitness Center.

Contact information:
Email:  Carolyn.hooper.goetinck@dartmouthOffice phone:  603/646-0231
Cell phone:  802/356-9447


 Wendi Reuter-Lorenz PTA  ACE-CPT, PTA has been a fitness professional for more than 25 years, specializing in weight loss, general fitness, corrective exercise, aquatics and Pilates training.  She works with individuals and groups, and her clients include the young and fit, the aging population, post and pre-rehabilitation, chronic back pain and disabilities.  Wendi holds certifications with the American Council of Exercise (ACE), Physical Mind Institute, Aquatic Rehab, and Therapy Institute, Arthritis Foundation, American Heart Association and American Fitness Educators.  Wendi is a licensed Physical Therapy Assistant, working for Bayada Home Care.  Workout sessions with Wendi include a thorough movement assessment with ongoing program progressions, in which she utilizes the variety of available equipment at Zimmerman Fitness Center with a personalized, multi-faceted approach sessions are custom designed "to meet you where you are at and plans to take you where you want to go!"

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Jonathan Dame CSCS - With more than 15 years of personal training and group fitness experience, a degree in Exercise Science and sports performance certifications, Jon has the knowledge, skills, and ability to help you achieve your fitness goals. Certifications through the NSCA, USAW and the Gray Institute provide Jon with an understanding of sport performance program design, Olympic lifting technique and Applied Functional Sciences. Many have benefited from Jon's training programs including: cardiac rehabilitation patients, cancer survivors, physical therapy patients, law enforcement professionals, NASCAR teams, Division I athletes and youth athletes. 

  Training sessions with Jon include a variety of equipment and movement techniques to help clients reach their health and performance related fitness potential.  Some of his personal favorites are battling ropes, TRX straps, kettlebells, bodyweight exercises, and good ol' fashioned barbell workouts. High intensity interval training, fat burning circuits, bodybuilding workouts, and corrective/functional exercises are all available options to help you move better, feel better, and look better. Regardless of ability, Jon asks one thing of his clients, to simply "work hard".

Contact information:
Cell phone:  704/773-0644


 IVAN CARRIER CPT-ACSM is a current undergraduate at Dartmouth College and holds a certificate in Personal Training from the American College of Sports Medicine. Ivan is a lifelong competitive athlete, having participated and competed in wrestling, rowing, rugby, competitive lumberjacking, powerlifting, mixed martial arts, and soccer.  He has over 8 years of weight training experience, and is a current member of the Dartmouth Powerlifting and Bodybuilding Team.  In addition he has completed internships in both Athletic Training and coaching (Ashland Crossfit and Ashland High School Athletics Office). As a student, he understands the challenges of staying fit at Dartmouth. He specializes in strength training, athletic conditioning, and general fitness.


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