Dartmouth College offers two gym membership categories, Basic and Plus.

The Basic membership provides you with access to the following:

•    Indoor racquet courts
•    Indoor track and gymnasium
•    Swimming pools (12 25-yard lanes as well as two 50-meter lanes)

The Plus membership will provide you with access to the facilities listed above as well as the 16,000 square foot state-of-the-art Zimmerman Fitness Center.

Zimmerman Fitness Center has over 60 pieces of cardio equipment (many with their own TVs), 40 strength machines, 3 different dumbbell areas (free weight, functional fitness, and novice) and a full free-weight area. And along with personal trainers, Zimmerman Fitness Center provides everything you need to achieve your personal fitness goals.

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Full-Year Membership Rates (as of July 1, 2013)

Employee $425 $325 $150


Employee or Student Spouse/Partner $475 $370 $150 $50

Employee Child*
(18 or older for Plus;
16 or older for Summer)

$275 $165 $150 $50


$560 $455 $150


Senior Citizen (65 or older) $550 $450 $150 $50
Community Member $750 $650 $150 $50
Community Child*
(18 or older for Plus;
16 or older for Summer)
$380 $275 $150 $50 
Day Pass $10 $10    $10 included
* Up to age 19, or age 25 if full-time student with identification.
Discounts available if purchased between
November 1 - February 28
March 1 - June 30


Current Memberships Expire                                         

June 30, 2013                               

2013-14 Membership renewals may be purchased starting   Monday, June 17
New memberships may be purchased starting  Monday, July 1
Summer memberships may be purchased starting Monday, June 3


Lockers:  To keep your locker, you must renew by July 12.

Expiration Dates:  All regular 2013 - 2014 memberships will expire June 30, 2014.   

Building Schedule:  The gym schedule is posted each term.  During the summer and in between terms, the schedule is reduced somewhat.  Please check the 2013 - 2014 building hours summary sheet for details.                                        

Renewal Notice:  We will be sending renewal information to current members shortly by e-mail (or by regular mail if you do not have e-mail).  If your e-mail address has changed, please let us know.   You may contact Marie Doyle at 646-8106 or at marie.e.doyle@dartmouth.edu



All Dartmouth College employees enrolled in any of the three employee Cigna health insurance programs or in the retiree insurance plan are eligible to receive up to $200 reimbursement per year (per subscriber or per family) from Cigna toward the cost of a fitness membership or FLIP classes.

We do offer two other limited memberships.  The first is the winter pass that is valid from early December to mid-January.  The second is a summer pass that is valid from early June until early September.  Please contact our office at 646-8106 for more details.